Rowtex PRO 2.0
Rowtex PRO 2.0
Rowtex PRO 2.0
Rowtex PRO 2.0
Rowtex PRO 2.0
Rowtex PRO 2.0

Rowtex PRO 2.0

rowtex rowing clothes

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The ROWTEX PRO 2.0 is the all-rounder among the gloves: strong protection on the palm through extra padding on sensitive spots, breathable mesh on the back of the hand for ventilation. Small ventilation holes on the palm protect from overheating. The knuckle-slits (green for stern side and red for stroke side) make the PRO 2.0 flexible. In addition, the gloves are slightly curved to support the grip position when rowing. Finally, the velcro sits on the left hand on the back-side of the hand, on the right hand on the front-side in order not to impede while sculling. Smart-phone touch ready index finger for touchscreens.
Compared to the other models:


  • strong protection through extra padding
  • breathable mesh
  • knuckle-slits for a better grip
  • slim-fit
  • smart phone touch
  • curved fit

    Comparison of all ROWTEX rowing gloves

    ROWTEX PRO 2.0: strong protection (extra padding)
    ROWTEX ICE 2.0: strong protection (extra padding) and warm
    ROWTEX ELITE: good protection and maximum feeling for the boat
    ROWTEX ORIGINALS: good protection, entry-level model
    ROWTEX PRO 1.0: good protection, solid allrounder