Sizing chart

Gloves Size

Finding your correct glove size is key to blister-free hands. In order to determine your correct gloves size, take a measure band and measure from the base of your hand to the tip of your middlefinger (length) and the circumference around your palm (width).

Now, compare your results with the sizes in the table. You are most likely in between lengths and widths. We recommend that you take the smaller size! Don't worry if your gloves size is 9 and your rowing gloves size is 8.

Your ROWTEX gloves should fit very tightly. The less fabric between your hands and the grips, the better. Also, ROWTEX gloves are curved and therefore seem a bit smaller than usual sport gloves (bicycle gloves, for example).

If you are in doubt, you are welcome to order two pair and return the not fitting pair. Feel free to contact us anytime.