The ROWTEX story

When ROWTEX was founded some years ago, we, the co-founders Martin and Tobias, were elite rowers in the Austrian national rowing team and had to face the same problem as any other rower: terrible blisters and wounds on the palms of their hands. No real rowing gloves were invented back then and the idea to wear gloves for rowing was beyond imagination - for some, at least! We quickly gathered ideas on how customized gloves for rowing should look like and what features they should have: perfect fit, protection, design... got it! Our bloody (literally!) hands and blisters on our palms convinced our producer that we need to do something about it. ROWTEX rowing gloves were born! The project couldn't start in a better place than Ottensheim, a small town close to the city of Linz in Austria. The place is known for its picturesque rowing cite (side arm of the Danube River), Rowing World Cup cite and cite for the FISA World Rowing Championships 2019. So, despite its small size, the town is a real hub for rowing!

After some years of success, we keep improving and expanding - there is plenty of interesting ideas from rowers out there to make more useful ROWTEX products. So, keep on inspiring us and join us on our rowing adventure!