Dry Bag 5l
Dry Bag 5l
Dry Bag 5l
Dry Bag 5l
Dry Bag 5l

Dry Bag 5l

rowtex rowing clothes

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In rowing, water is all around when it splashes into the boat from the blades or when it rains. Consequently, everything gets soaked. To avoid that, the Dry Bag keeps your stuff safely stored - 100% waterproof. The 5l Dry Bag has enough space for your small belongings and even fits into a small and narrow racing skiff.
  • 5l volume
  • Enough space for your mobile phone, wallet, keys, a thin extra T-Shirt and a small towel
  • Fully waterproof when properly closed
  • Highly durable
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Smartphone touch ready pocket (you can type on your mobile phone from the outside while it is safely stored inside the Dry Bag)
  • Reflecting logo print
  • Small enough to fit into a skiff
  • Red color (only)

Pssst! In case you have to swim to the shore, the Dry Bag will swim with you!