Rowing trip #1 to Hallstatt / Austria

Lake Hallstatt has always been on our bucket list since its water is supposed be one of the best in the world to row on. Over thousands of years, glaciers have formed this perfectly wind-protected rowing site: approximately 10km long, over 100m deep, cold and dark water, surrounded by steep mountains, hidden in the Austrian Alps. Historically, the place is known for the very early settlement Hallstatt, where people dug mystical tunnels into the rocks to mine salt and built fantastic wooden houses into the steep hills. And it is only a short 3-hours ride from our office in Vienna. A no-brainer to visit Lake Hallstatt on our #1 rowing trip! By the rowing community barely discovered yet (the Dutch heavies were there on high-altitude training recently:, it's a true rowing gem. And so we went to Hallstatt, with two Filippi skiffs mounted on the roof of our camping van...

On our team: photographer, brand strategist and former competitive rower Julius Hirtzberger, who recently joined the ROWTEX crew, and his friend Markus, a 52-year old rowing enthusiast (he is only in his second year of rowing). 

We set up our camp next to the shore in Obertraun, a small village on the lake and likewise stored our boats there. On our schedule for the next 4 days: early morning row on a picture-perfect water, mirroring la bella naturaleza! The experience was truly exceptional, teaching Markus fine rowing technique. This feeling when catching the water on such a flat surface, like cutting through glass! After the morning session: huge breakfast with lots of proteins, fruits and carbohydrates to recharge our batteries and fill our tanks. Then a good read ('Dadventures' by former GB Olympic rower Alex Gregory - a truly fantastic rowing adventure in the Arctic waters), nice music and a nap in the shadow before the second rowing session.

Blisters? No thanks! 

Of course, when doing two times 16 - 20km per day, your hands are an easy target for blisters. And all of us know how easily blisters can turn a training camp into a very unpleasant experience. So, both of us had a pair of ROWTEX Elite gloves with us for the perfect protection and feeling.

Psssst! - There is a new member to the (g)rowing ROWTEX family: The Dry Bag

In the outback on the water, especially when the lake is more than 100m deep, it's important to keep your belongings dry and safely stored. Also, you always want to bring a dry T-Shirt in case you are cast away. This is why we designed our latest fully waterproof product: the Dry Bag. Lake Hallstatt was a great opportunity to tests it out under rough conditions, far away from the safe office environment. The Dry Bag comes in two volume-sizes.

  • 5 liter: Ideal for a spare shirt, a small camera, mobile phone (smartphone touch ready), the boathouse keys and a muesli-bar. The smaller bag fits perfectly in a single racing shell and comes in a nice red color (see picture).
  • 25 liter: The larger Dry Bag has the volume of a sports bag or backpack and fits everything from shoes, towel, spare clothes, water bottle, etc. The 25l Dry Bag is ideal as a travel-bag on a longer rowing journey. It comes in carbon grey. 

Both models of the Dry Bag will be available Mid-July. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter in order to stay updated. 


Rainy days

Later that weekend, the weather changed dramatically: the temperature dropped and we faced heavy rainfall. A reason for sunshine rowers to pack the stuff and go home. Thanks to the ROWTEX Anorak, quitting was not an option and rowing in the rain was actually no problem at all. Having made many mediocre experiences with rowing rain jackets, the ROWTEX Anorak is about to set new standards for rain jackets in rowing - after an hour of rowing in heavy rain, we stayed dry and warm and the cut is perfect for the rowing movement. 

We are rowers out in the nature, after all. Changing weather conditions should never be a problem for rowers with the right equipment. Wind, rain, waves, sun - bring it on!

#2 rowing trip - join us

What a great adventure!!! Back in Vienna, we are already planning our #2 rowing trip to Lake Bled/Slovenia. There are still seats open in our boat. Are you adventurous enough? Send us a message to and join us on our next rowing expedition.


Photography and text by Julius Hirtzberger (